Entry #8

animated illustration up!

2013-04-14 19:21:14 by stoneseeker

Hey! I finally did something! It's a short loop... a sort of aniamted illustration that is intended to be more a work of art than film. But I like it. I think I'll create more...

go check it out!

animated illustration up!


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2013-04-15 08:17:34

in any case you did a good job but only thing i dont get is how the fire is still up if outside is rainin and idk if the rain is distant but i see raindrops on hi coat

stoneseeker responds:

I've had fires in the rain. It's more difficult to start a fire in the rain, but once it's going it will continue to burn, you just got to keep feeding it. Torrential downpour might put out a fire.


2013-04-16 13:03:14

right you are :)