animated illustration up!

2013-04-14 19:21:14 by stoneseeker

Hey! I finally did something! It's a short loop... a sort of aniamted illustration that is intended to be more a work of art than film. But I like it. I think I'll create more...

go check it out!

animated illustration up!

new short

2009-03-30 00:06:19 by stoneseeker

Hey anyone reading this,

well, not much progress on my big animation projects, but I just put up another little experimental diddy similar to my "Modern Man Consumed" short.
Except this is significant because it is my first animation collaborated with my lovely wife. (Been married for about a month now) Hooray! It is short, quirky and hopefully somewhat endearing. Go check it out, and let us know what you think of it.


new short

Hey all,

I am just updating on what I've been up to since my last entry. There has been progress on my 5 minute short titled "the Planter and the Phoenix" a mytheo-poetical fairy tale style piece done in Photoshop and flash. It is taking me forever to do, but I am excited how it is turning out! It is fully colored, shaded, frame by frame animation, NO TWEENING. I hope to be done by February 2009. It will most likely exceed the maximum size, so I am hoping to work something out with Tom, but otherwise I may break it into 2 parts or something. The original working file is at a resolution suitable for TV, so I'll have to export a smaller one for newgrounds anyway. Ok, back to work and congrats to the animation grads of NSCC 2008!!


Since so many have asked very similar questions about my most recent piece (animation excercises) and me, I thought I would answer the most frequent ones here. I was PMing everyone till it got ridiculous. I didnt expect this movie to generate so much interest and questions, so thank you. If your question isn't answered here, then feel free to PM me.

Q. What song is this??

A. I put it on the bottom of my comments, but because of the name of the song and artist, it was unrecognizable to some. The band is M83. the song: "0078h" hey, I didn't name it!

Q. Is that girl walking the aisles (notice I spelled it right this time) rotoscoped? Is that Che Guevara in there too?

A. Yes, and yes!

Q. Where did you go to school for animation and where could I go?

A. This one I have been asked a lot. I went to one year in Nova Scotia Community College digital animation program. I got a job in the animation industry in Nova Scotia, Canada at the end of the year, so I quit school to get paid to learn instead! I have been professionally animating tv cartoons with a studio for 7 months now. I also paint and do commissions/illustrations from time to time. You can see these at
As far as recommending a place to learn, there are a couple community colleges in Canada that offer programs that are cheaper but are often known to not be quite at the caliber as say, Sheridan in Toronto. but you pay waaaaaay less. I don't know about America and elsewhere. Search around!

Q. Can you do a flash with a coherent story and actual characters?

A. I have some on the way, but they take time if they are to look good. In the meantime, try appreciating little things like this simply for the sake of the art itself, and the enjoyment of classical animation! Some people were still saying in the reviews stuff like: I dont get it... and, needed a plot and stuff. C'mon people. holy freakin crap. read the comments first. Huge thanks to most of you though for appreciating it for what it is, a show reel and expose of some excercises.

animated backgrounds...

2008-03-20 16:32:38 by stoneseeker

I'm working on this cool side project for fun in my spare time between other bigger projects, (I got way too many ideas and commitments) that takes photoshop illustrations I do from scratch and then imports them into flash, making it all into separate symbols, and animating them in a realistic manner. It's looking and working waaaay better than I anticipated. I feel as though I have stumbled upon a very unique style and method that would prove to be very effective and pretty. I love when I can utilize flash in unorthodox ways. I like to look for ways to make flash animation look.. non-flashy. More classical or different. I'll look for a way to post my findings sometime, but I would like to save the unveiling for some sort of project where I use the style in a short story or something.
thanks newgrounds for the award! I'm beginning to feel a part of a community or something. geez.

till next time, keep fit and have fun! (Cheesy 80's music follows)


Finished the little epic thats not so epic. Now onto bigger fish... or, flash... I will compile a swf of a bunch of little snippets of my animation and excercises I had done for school and put it up next, and as for the next full length one, I have an idea for a silly series that I may do, as well as a few serious experimentals on the way...

Got some other illustration project I have to do before anything else though so it may be a while before I get to the latter ones.

workin on a toon for newgrounds specifically. just a short little fun one about a wee underground desert dwelling creature Stington.

anticipate to have it done and up in a couple days!

I have a deviant art site you can check my art out on,



2008-03-06 15:59:04 by stoneseeker

hey dudes!

Stoked to finally be a part of this site. Just never found the time before this, and now that I am in between contracts at work, I have all the time in the world to check out some new videos and set up my own account. Hope you enjoy my work in the upcoming future.